💥Wildside turns 25 💥

Centaur Theatre Company & 
La Chapelle Scènes Contemporaines


January 10 to 22, 2022

As the Wildside Festival celebrates its 25th anniversary this coming January, Centaur takes a more hands-on approach by presenting fewer shows in order to interact more intensely with the artists by initiating two-week residencies of dramaturgy and technical support for each of the two companies performing at Centaur.

Rose Plotek, Centaur’s Artistic Associate and the curator for Wildside three years running, has selected a total of four plays for the two-week festival of independent theatre: Deer Blood and HUSH will be presented at Centaur; and La Chapelle Scènes Contemporaines, Centaur’s festival partner for the third consecutive year, will present 1, 2, Maybe 3 and Logic of the Worst.

“Turning twenty-five is a perfect time for Wildside to redefine its purpose at Centaur and within Montreal’s theatre scene. Introducing Centaur patrons to more experimental theatre has always been at its core but now we’re adding the important element of development to encourage and support theatre creators. This year and moving forward, artists that apply to be in the festival can look forward to not only having their work seen at an esteemed performing arts institution, but also collaborating with highly qualified, experienced professionals. It’s exciting and inspiring both for us and for our Wildside guests.”
– Rose Plotek, Wildside Festival Curator

Wildside 25 highlights theatre that explores intimate, relevant themes with strong dance, music, and visual elements.

HUSH, written, performed and co-directed by the 25-year stage, film and TV veteran, Sylvia Cloutier, comes to Centaur by way of a two-year National Theatre School residency, after which it was presented online in 2020. For this project, she collaborates with designer and co-director Clea Minaker. Using evocative music, storytelling and shadow puppetry, Sylvia asks, “How did we go from once being the strongest survivors in the world, to facing the greatest loss of our young people to suicide in the world?”

HUSH is one artist’s journey through her own experiences of loss and the losses of many to a suicide crisis in Inuit communities. Through trying to understand the effects of intergenerational trauma due to colonization, and reflecting upon the strengths of her people and her culture, Sylvia looks at suicide through the eyes of various community members, finding strength in creativity, community, and honesty.

Deer Blood, winner of Stratford Festival’s 2018 Douglas Campbell Award for Theatre Creation, is produced by the electronic punk group Other Families and experimental art collective Endless Love, their first full-length experimental theatre series set to music. Deer Blood, created by Zach Buck and Josh Johnston, and performed by Josh Johnston and Rose Tuong, is the first in the series.

A couple in an intimate relationship goes hunting and through animal and ecological metaphors, the play explores the human quest for connection, mashing song, drama, poetry, film, photography and performance art into a powerful spectacle about the separation that people enforce between themselves and all other creatures. In 2018, Deer Blood toured Montreal, Toronto and Brooklyn, NY.

Confabulation, Matt Goldberg’s wildly popular ‘true-life’ storytelling sensation, returns to Wildside January 14 and 21 with ‘real’ people telling ‘real-life’ stories about what remains: tales of lost legacies, shocking discoveries and sweet surprises. It will be the same program both nights.

Having Rose curate the Wildside Festival is an incredible boon for Centaur. She has a singular eye and her imaginative ambitions for the festival raise the bar for our audiences and give us the unbelievable privilege of working closely with innovative artists creating unconventional theatre that questions and explores deeply personal yet worldly ideas and issues. Wildside 25 furthers our shared goal of making Centaur a creative hub for theatre creators of all backgrounds and interests.”
– Eda Holmes, Centaur’s Artistic and Executive Director.

The text-free, dance show, 1, 2, Maybe 3, measures the mundane, as the two very close bodies of choreographers and performers Jean Bui and Sydney McManus attempt to coexist. Shapes, limbs, and fabrics intertwine until it’s difficult to determine who belongs to what, and the audience comes to the realization that what should have been simple people tend to complicate. Both Montreal-based artists studied visual arts in addition to their dance training. 1, 2, Maybe 3 is also supported by Montreal’s LA SERRE – arts vivants.

Logic of the Worst is created by the accomplished Montreal author Étienne Lepage and Frédérick Gravel, noted choreographer and the Artistic Director of Daniel Léveillé Danse. Together they unpack the concept of the “worst,” a powerful philosophical agent that exposes our relation to the world, shining a playful yet unforgiving light from which even the performers cannot hide. Logic of the Worst coordinates text, movement, music, and set to create a universe capable of both seducing spectators and recruiting them as privileged accomplices in a profound view of the world.

453 St-Francois-Xavier, H2Y 2T1

HUSH:                   Tues. Jan. 11 through Sat. Jan. 15, 7 pm

Deer Blood:           Tues. Jan. 18 through Sat. Jan. 22, 7 pm

Confabulation:       Fri. Jan. 14 & 21, 9pm 

3700 St-Dominique, H2X 2X7  BOX OFFICE : 514-843-7738

1, 2, Maybe 3:          Mon. & Tues. Jan. 10 & 11 7pm

                                 Thurs. Jan. 13 8 pm

Logic of the Worst:   Mon. & Tues. Jan. 17 & 18 7pm

                                 Thurs. & Fri. Jan. 20 & 21 8pm

NOTE: There will be an ASL performance Jan. 20 and two shows with French surtitles Jan. 18 & 21 

Adult: $25.00  
Student / Senior / Under 30 / Member: $20.00

Go Live members receive a 20% discount on Wildside tickets at both venues. 

Centaur ticket purchasers receive a 20% discount when buying La Chapelle Scènes Contemporaines Wildside tickets, and vice versa.

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