Lantern’s Lane

Sometimes right from the beginning you can foresee the quality of the film you are watching. Sometimes it only takes a few minutes to assess. And you are not wrong. The quality does not change. Lantern’s Lane began with wooden acting and cheesy/unnatural dialogue. It did not get any better from there. Totally ungenuine and unrealistic. Now, I don’t think I am being too harsh as there is some leeway needed in the horror genre, but there has to be some element of realism. Not a scrap to be found here in Justin LaReau’s (director and screenwriter) film.

LaReau had previously directed another horror film called A Demon Within.

Returning to her rural hometown after moving to the city, the girl voted prom queen, Layla (Brooke Butler – appeared in television episodes of Animal Kingdom and Ozark) does not get the warm welcome she had hoped for. Just Missy (Ashley Doris – appeared in television episodes of NCIS: Hawaii and Real Husbands of Hollywood), who is working at her uncle’s (Skip Howland – Venom: Let There be Carnage, Cruella) bar, seems happy to see her.

Despite the frosty welcome, Layla ends up planning to go to Lantern’s Lane, a place rumored to be haunted, with a few high school friends. Layla, Missy and Shana (Sydney Carvill – The Council), whose sister committed suicide in high school, pile into Jason’s (Andy Cohen – appeared in episodes of television’s Ray Donovan and Lucifer) car and set off to Lantern’s Lance.

They think it is going to be a party where they can all have drinks and reconnect. Rather it becomes a place of mystery, revenge, horror, and death.

Essential elements like direction, acting and script are weak. Even basic elements like light and sound are a mess. You want to pull for it as a film attempting to give you a couple of good jump scares along with a little bit of a mystery can be rather likable, but there is truly nothing to grasp onto here.

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