Let’s play the blame game. Can you blame studios and moviemakers in their rush to make sequels to successful films? Not really as it seems like there is some trepidation in regards to going out on a limb with original ideas. As such, we get a lot of the same old same old. Many superhero movies, many similar type romantic comedies and plenty of sequels. Don’t Breathe 2 joins the ranks of the last group. The first film was a rather original horror film. As such, critics and film fans alike appreciated it. Now we get the redux. Cross your fingers!

Like most cases, the sequel does not live up to the original. Don’t Breathe 2, directed by Rodo Sayagues (first film), was always in a tough position as it is hard to recreate the breath of fresh air the first one was with its cool idea. The second time around it is hampered by a feeling of been there, seen that.

The slight shift this time is not that thieves are invading a blind man’s (played by Stephen Lang) house only to find he is more than capable of defending himself, in Don’t Breathe 2 the young girl (played by Madelyn Grace) he has been living with in an isolated cabin in the woods has been kidnapped by a band of criminals. Now he has to venture out to save her.

I mean, the only change up is that the blind man is leaving the place he is comfortable in (giving him the advantage). Wafer thin difference. Coupled with a weaker story and set up it is a recipe for a weak film.

Truth be told there are some fun moments. There are times when you are sitting on the edge of your seat despite the deja vu sense you feel. Plenty of action occurs and then a plot twist at the end. The cinematography is also a plus. Loads of cool visuals and angles are taken which heighten the tension involved.

Special Features:

-Alternate Ending

-Friends & Filmmakers

-Bad Man (Slang is Back)

-Designing Deception

-Audio Commentaries with Filmmakers