Night at the Eagle Inn

Twins and creepy houses/hotels. Makers of horror films love these two elements. Director and co-writer Erik Bloomquist (Christmas on the Carousel, Weekenders) doubles down by using both in his latest film. A busy guy, this is his third film of 2021 being released. Obviously, the pandemic did not slow down this guy.

Here Bloomquist spins a tale about fraternal twins, Sarah (Amelia Dudley) and Spencer (Taylor Turner – Christmas on the Carousel), who decide to travel to the Vermont Inn that was the last place their father was seen before he disappeared. The disappearance took place the night they were born.

Once they arrive at the remote location the two are greeted by the innkeeper (Greg Schweers – appeared in episodes of television’s Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and The Perfect Murder) and groundsman. The two weave the inn’s tale of tragedy and horror for the twins. This does not deter them from their mission, though; they are determined to solve the mystery. The deeper the two dive into the history of the inn the scarier things get. Soon the night takes a turn to the dangerous and that twins have to make their way out of the labyrinth before daybreak or they will be its next victims.

Something borrowed is Bloomquist’s motto here. Every scene or plot point seems to have been borrowed from other horror films. Nothing really original takes place. Despite the deja vu sense you feel during the beginning of the film the setup is still quite decent making you look forward to how things are going to be worked out. Well, it is a disappointment. The ball is dropped and the promise shown does not carry through to the denouement. Worse than that is that the parts which are supposed to be scary aren’t. All adds up to you being glad at the short 70 minute run time.

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