Reminiscence – Blu-ray Edition

Holograms and memories come together in this sci-fi mystery film directed and written by Lisa Joy (directed an episode of television’s Westworld). A film in which much is asked of the viewer. You must pay attention in order to keep up and try to figure out what the heck is going on. Maybe a little too much actually.

In the near future, a detective named Nick Bannister (Hugh Jackman – The Greatest Showman on Earth, ) works on different kinds of cases than what we expect. He helps people with their memories, a P.I. of the mind. He lives and works on the outskirts of Miami.

One day a woman named Mae (Rebecca Ferguson – ) comes to him and asks him to do just that. More precisely, Nick is hired to help her find her keys. Sparks fly from the first moments between the two. Not able to stay away from her, the detective goes to see his client at her place of work. Mae works as a waitress in a club. The sparks soon lead to something sexual between detective and client.

Soon after things change as Mae disappears. As Nick tries to find her and who has her, he soon uncovers a dark conspiracy.

An attempt at a sci-fi noir film, so it has a particular look and style of storytelling. Where the film and Joy get a little tangled up is when an attempt is made to stuff too much into the story all at once. Even amidst all this mess, you see the interesting stuff along with what is being attempted. Perfect? No. Stylistically pleasing and engaging? Yes.

Special Features:

-Digital Copy

-Reminiscence Family Reunion: The Westworld Team Meets Again

-The Sunken Coast: Building a Flooded City

-Crafting a Memory: A Look Behind the Scenes

-You’re Going on a Journey: An Exploration of Memories

-“Save My Love” Music Video