How many will it take? How many films have to be made which look at guns and how they end up in tragedy. Gun violence, in many forms, is everywhere and yet nothing has been/is being done to curb it. It seems like the right of an individual to own a gun is more important than the lives of the millions of innocent victims.

Here we have an example from the wheel of gun tragedies. One of the worst varieties. Accidental which ends up in a young person’s death. This live action short film (13 minutes long) brings to the ongoing conversation kids, parents and guns.

Luke Benward’s directorial debut is one filled with moral dilemmas and highly charged emotions. Two young boys go off into the desert to play. One has brought along his mother’s gun. A tragedy many could have predicted happens. What comes at the end is every parent’s nightmare and brings forth a question of what you would do to “save” your child?

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