The Jinkx & DeLa Holiday Special

Like a feature-length drag queen show, The Jinkx & DeLa Holiday Special has more camp than a national park. A variety show like we used to have back in the day. Done Queen style!

Pals Jinkx and DeLa could not be more different. DeLa is fun loving and innocent whereas Jinkx loves a party and a good one night stand. When it comes to Christmas they also differ. DeLa loves the season and Jinkx wants nothing to do with it. That puts a crimp into the plan to host a Christmas variety show. DeLa feels Jinkx is bringing the mood down.

To change that, DeLa, with the help of her deceased grandmother who now lives in a mug of eggnog, is going to try to show Jinkx that there is nothing better than the Christmas season.

Crazy costumes, plenty of wild wigs and makeup, dance numbers, singing, double entendres on top of double entendres, a naked guy, and plenty more. No matter the level of sarcasm or filthy humour there is still a warm heart underneath it all. Yes, there is plenty of humour and zaniness but you will also find some traditional Christmas messages to be found as well. The idea that traditions are what we make of them and that family can be people you choose are brought forth in a cute and funny way.

The Jinkx & DeLa Holiday Special is available on demand now.