The Last Day of Patriarchy

Slovenian director Olmo Omerzu’s (Family Film, Winter Flies) film asks those watching his short film (16 minutes) if a person’s dying wish should be granted? Or more specifically if that person is a man. Omerzu’s films have often dealt with themes of family relationships and patriarchy. Such is the case with The Last Day of Patriarchy.

Jakub’s grandfather (Frantisek Nemic) is dying. On a visit to see him in the hospital, Jakub brings his girlfriend Nina (Eliska Krenkova) along with him. This is the first time his family has met her. In this awkward and sad situation the young woman, who no one knows is pregnant, tries to settle in.

Things go from awkward to downright uncomfortable when, as she meets the dying family patriarch, he asks Nina something completely surprising. The request is so wrong/startling that no one knows what to do. Except for her as she is mad. The rest of the family debates the dying man’s request. Without even considering how the woman feels.

A moral dilemma. Something Omerzu draws us into. We have to confront how we feel about this. What we would do in this situation. And how the patriarchy is all around us. In control in almost every situation. How the patriarchy has been allowed to run ram shod for years bringing the world down with it.

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