The Centre des musiciens du monde will host its first Autumn Musical Encounters in collaboration with the Interdisciplinary Observatory for Creation and Research in Music (OICRM) attached to the Université de Montréal‘s Faculty of Music. The idea behind these gatherings is to offer a new annual event that would invite a reflection on specific social issues stimulated by the dialogue between its different actors coming from artistic, academic, and social circles. 

For this first edition, female researchers and musicians will be invited to share their research and experiences on the theme of Women Musicians of The World. It is a unique opportunity to discover the career paths of migrant women musicians from various regions of the world.

“Ever since the Centre des musiciens du monde was created, I have wanted the organization to engage in reflections on social issues in collaboration with the academic community and to do so in the form of a seminar. In my opinion, it is this networking between artistic, academic, and social fields that will lead to new ways of thinking, communicating, and acting together in a diversity of approaches that are both innovative and inclusive” – Frédéric Léotar, Director of the Centre des musiciens du monde.

“This seminar is an opportunity for the OICRM to solidify its partnership with the Centre des musiciens du monde and to demonstrate the importance of the research carried out in close collaboration with the rehearsal spaces. This partnership is all the more significant because it allows OICRM researchers to observe a part of the Montreal musical community that is characterized by the diversity of its musical practices and repertoires” – Michel Duchesneau, Director of the OICRM


This seminar is closely linked to a research project conducted by a joint team from the OICRM and the Centre des musiciens du monde, funded by an Exploration grant from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC), which focuses on the career paths of migrant women musicians working in Montreal. Open to all and organized within the Centre itself, where creations, residencies, sharing of practices, and apprenticeships for musicians from around the world abound, the two-day seminar will shed light on the many challenges encountered by women artists throughout their careers, as well as the insights they have gained from them.

The program features a series of conferences, round tables, web capsules, and an immersive virtual reality experience. The conference will open with a lecture entitled Intersectional Reading of the Realities and Career Paths of Migrant Women Musicians in Montreal by Caroline Marcoux-Gendron of the OICRM/Université de Montréal and Lysandre Champagne of McGill University, which will lay the foundation for the collaborative research project. Then, following each day’s rich exchanges, an exceptional concert featuring women musicians will be offered in the evening in the chapel of the Musée des hospitalières.


  • November 26 at 7 PM – Djély Tapa, the Mandingo voice (with Zal Sissokho, kora)

Concert by Djély Tapa, a voice which is part of the griotic tradition of the vast Mandingo culture and which will be accompanied for the occasion by the kora of the famous Zal Sissokho.

  • November 27 at 7 PM – Didem Başar: pieces for kanun and string quintet

Turkish-born kanun virtuoso Didem Başar will present her new compositions for the box zither which she has mastered, in dialogue with the Andara quintet. This project is part of a residency offered to the ensemble by the Centre. Don’t miss it!



  • Access to the conference is free upon registration


  • Location: Chapel of the Musée des hospitalières, 201 Pine Ave W., Montreal 
  • Admission: $25 + taxes
  • Tickets for Djély Tapa
  • Tickets for Didem Başar