Canards Errants @ RIDM

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the most effective. Here they came up with the idea to put rubber ducks in a glacier in Greenland as an experiment on climate change. Oh year, the “they” is NASA.

For the past decade NASA has been searching for 90 small yellow rubber ducks. Why you ask? Because they had come up with the idea to put them in glaciers located in Greenland. They believed that when the glaciers melted that they would find them scattered around the globe. Simple idea and yet it has become a little complex. That is because they have not been able to find the rubber ducks.

Director Bruno Chouinard (Pouding Chômeurs) had an idea of his own. The filmmaker decided to make a surreal documentary that has its tongue planted firmly in cheek. An interesting way to look at how humans behave today and how we are dealing with the environmental crisis we are going through.

In its world premiere the 72 minute documentary looks at the issue in a rather left of center while still an artistic way. An ingenious expose on how plastic affects the water on this planet. How we humans cannot kick our habit of buying/using plastic no matter how much proof there is about the damage they wreak. We see these cute and seemingly innocent yellow ducks in the waters of different parts of the world. Why they have not been easy to locate has become quite a mystery. See how the attempt to solve the mystery while keeping an eye firmly on issues such as social justice and climate change.

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