LAYER x Andreu World | Triada Collection

TRIADA, a series of tables that LAYER has designed for Spanish furniture brand, Andreu World.  

The die-cast aluminum tables take their name from their signature tripod-style leg and are designed to work in a variety of hospitality settings. The collection includes a stackable bar table, a stackable dining table and a height-adjustable occasional table. The collection is designed to demonstrate how an expressive form can finesse industrial die cast aluminum and imbue the utilitarian material with a sense of elegance. 

In order to maintain a subtle appearance, the top surfaces of the TRIADA tables were stripped back to their most essential form. The tripod style aluminum legs have a subtle sculptural quality that gives the tables an ownable expression. This sensitive approach gives the tables a crafted aesthetic that sets them apart in a market saturated by a stricter, more technical visual language.

The TRIADA tables are a response to the current global climate, in which ever-evolving lockdowns have necessitated increasingly flexible hospitality and gathering spaces. The stackable tables are ideal for settings, such as bars, restaurants, and galleries – where space is at a premium and seating needs regularly change.