Worldwide phenomenon, Monsta X, has released their 10th mini album, No Limit, today. No Limit is an album that will become a turning point for Monsta X, where they will begin a new era amid the disordered, unprecedented world struck by Covid-19. This album contains a sense of calling to pioneer a new path, as they continue to infiltrate the North American market. With the band’s second English-language album The Dreaming dropping on 12/10, a global movie launching in more than 70 countries [dates/tickets here], a Top 30 smash hit “One Day” currently climbing the charts, and 4 iHeartRadio Jingle Ball performances in December; Monsta X are here to close out 2021 triumphantly. 

Produced by Rapper Joohoney; focus track and music video for “Rush Hour” convey a central message that sets a specific tone for the new album. As the phrase suggests, “Rush Hour” refers to a chaotic situation or time, emphasizing Monsta X’s identity by comparing the current music industry to congested traffic during rush hour. Within the music video, the band members have competed nonstop in the cold grayish city, have pioneered a barren land and walked their own path. Their ambitious steps towards their final goals are portrayed as off-road driving, and the unchanging competitive society is depicted as hanging on by a thread from a high place. 

The members of Monsta X have consistently contributed to their past albums, and again, they have participated as lyricists and composers on various songs throughout No Limit. “Rush Hour” marks Joohoney’s second focus track that he’s produced, with I.M and Hyungwon self-producing “Just Love” and “Mercy.” Throughout this album, Monsta X has made sure to dedicate multiple tracks to their fans, MONBEBE. Throughout the lyrics, the members have expressed their thanks and longing to meet again in person soon, despite having been physically apart from their fans due to the pandemic.