Welcome to the Show

A group of friends embarks on a trip of the likes they could have never imagined. It begins with a seemingly innocent invitation to a mysterious play called “The Show”. As they are spending a weekend together they say “why not?” This decision is the beginning of the end. Weird stuff begins to happen.

This is not a typical theatre piece. First, it is not evident who are the actors and who is the audience. It brings with it mistrust and madness amongst the pals. It turns out to be a type of escape room mystery, only not like any they have heard of before.

This will be a Thanksgiving weekend they all remember…for the wrong reasons. The friends will try to figure it out. Who is doing this to them and why? As their previously tight bonds are tested as all they believed they knew seems to crumble as time goes on.

As the viewer you begin to question, along with the characters, what is right and wrong while at the same time you being to see that there are many versions of the truth to be found here. What you will not find a version of, no matter how hard you search for it, is a good film. One which makes any kind of sense. Nope. Everything The mystery begins to become clearer as it is evident this is not a watchable film. Boring and without any point or sense.

The film is now available on Amazon and iTunes.