Sometimes the expected can be alright. Good for those times when you want something light that you don’t have to pay too much attention to. Meaning your brainpower is not tapped too heavily. Rom coms can often fill that bill. When it comes to holiday rom coms it is especially true.

Seemingly on top of things when it comes to her professional and romantic life, Samantha Banks (Summer Bellessa – Amber Alert) should be feeling really good about her life. Yet there does seem to be some restlessness or doubt in her mind. Things become even murkier when she receives a large offer to buy her company and her family invites her ex-boyfriend to dinner over the Thanksgiving holiday. Rough waters lay ahead.

While she is contemplating an offer to buy her company which will bring her enough money that she does not have to worry about things for a long while, Samantha also has to deal with the “one that got away” Luke (Kevan Moezzi – Guardian Angel) being there for the weekend. Luke is a successful stand-up comedian who broke up with Samantha so he could pursue his career. Despite the fact that she has moved on and is now dating lawyer Bryce (Jason Gray), it seems to still smart. It is going to be an interesting holiday weekend!

There is a little bit of everything here, kinda like a Thanksgiving dinner, with moments of romance, comedy, emotions, family dynamics, relationships, aging, and nostalgia. Despite the number of elements, these things work together to make a light film rather than a muddled one.

The strongest part of the film is how relatable it is. From the family stuff to the romance, we all have gone through similar things. Without any real villains, though Bryce is a little annoying, you root for all the characters as they are alternatively funny and quirky.

Funny Thing About Love is available to rent or own on different platforms.

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