BOB SPIT – WE DO NOT LIKE PEOPLE, An Animated Doc on Brazilian Cartoonist Angeli, Opens December 15, In theaters and Virtual Cinemas

A Stop Motion Animation, Documentary, Comedy, Road Movie,
Based on the Classic Comic Strips of 
Brazilian Cartoonist 

Directed by Brazilian Filmmaker Cesar Cabral

BOB SPIT – WE DO NOT LIKE PEOPLE is a stop-motion animation that mixes documentary, comedy and road-movie. It tells the story of Bob Spit, an old punk trying to escape from a post-apocalyptic desert that is actually, a purgatory inside the mind of his creator, Angeli, a cartoonist going through a creative crisis. The story is freely inspired by the life and work of one of the most celebrated Brazilian cartoonists of all times, Angeli, who became famous in the 70s by releasing political cartoons in the midst of Brazil’s military dictatorship. In the 80s, he migrated to daily strips, showing an acid sense of humor to represent Brazil’s society, day-to-day life and customs. Angeli had editorial success with his monthly magazine “Chiclete com Banana”, which sold over 120 thousand copies per edition. During his time, the cartoonist has created some of his most famous characters: the bohemian diva Rê Bordosa, the hippie pair Wood & Stock, and the punk Bob Spit.

With the voices of Milhem Cortaz, Paulo Miklos, Grace Gianoukas, André Abujamra, Laerte, Hugo Passolo, Angeli.


Cesar Cabral has a degree in Cinema through the Arts and Communication School – São Paulo University (ECA-USP). He began his career as a stop-motion animator in 1998 and co-founded the animation company Coala Filmes in 2000. He directed the stop-motion short films The Re Bordosa Dossier (2008), which won more than 70 awards in Brazilian and international film festivals, and Storm (2010) was selected to many prestigious film festivals all around the world, such as Annecy, Hiroshima, Havana, and Sundance. Cesar created and directed 2 seasons of the young adult stopmotion animated series Angeli The Killer, selected for the 2018 Annecy Film Festival and broadcasted at Canal Brasil. Bob Spit – We Do Not Like People was awarded best feature at Contrechamp section in Annecy 2021.

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