The Constantinople Ensemble will be presenting the concert Clair-obscur on December 11th together with the singers of A Filetta’s polyphonic ensemble.

For its 20th season, the Constantinople Ensemble is presenting a series of concerts in the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts’ Bourgie Hall featuring the talents of both new collaborators and long-time friends.

“Over the past 20 years, Constantinople has collaborated with 112 artists from various traditions. It is in Montreal, as part of our season, with the precious presence of our local audience, that most of our creations were born, before travelling the world. Their DNA carries this place and this environment, which is conducive to exchanges and to crossing borders, which is Montreal.”- Kiya Tabassian, Artistic Director of Constantinople

The third show of this six-part series will be presented in partnership with the Corsican choir A Filetta.

Clair-obscur is one of the Constantinople’s latest creations. Born out of two pre-pandemic residencies in Corsica, the concert truly came together in September 2020, during Constantinople’s last trip to Calvi to work with A Filetta. Between the sea and the mountains, between modality and polyphony, Clair-obscur is the result of a desire for an intimate exchange between Constantinople’s musicians and A Filetta’s renowned singers. A poetic and musical suite was thus conceived by interweaving the polyphonies created by A Filetta’s erudite singers with Kiya Tabassian’s compositions and direction. A deeply moving concert.

The show will also be touring across Canada, with performances in Vancouver on December 3rd, Maple Ridge on December 4th, Victoria on December 5th, Toronto on December 10th, and Quebec City on December 13th.


A Filetta, Corsican polyphonies

Jean-Claude Acquaviva

François Aragni

Jean-Do Bianco

Petr’Antò Casta

Paul Giansily

Maxime Vuillamier


Kiya Tabassian, setar, voice and direction

Didem Basar, kanun

Patrick Graham, percussion

Tanya LaPerrière, baroque violin and viola d’amore

Other Information

  • Saturday, December 11th at 8pm
  • Bourgie Hall, Montreal Museum of Fine Arts
  • Prices: $44 for the general public, $38 for museum members, $23 for those 34 and under.
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