The #MeToo movement focused on the abuses being perpetrated against women. Rightly so. But they are the only victims. Young men were victims too. Those we heard about, like women, were young actors in Hollywood like Corey Haim, Heath Ledger, Corey Feldman, and River Phoenix. Here is a film that attempts to illustrate what happens in Hollywood to young actors.

Michael Leoni’s (When Today Ends) film, which he wrote and directed, uses a rather unique mixture of live theatre and film to tell the tale. Jason Mast (Josh Pafchek) is a young actor and belongs in the category of an A-list celebrity. A very famous person. A young man living a life many of us are envious of. What the film shows is the ugly side. The price that celebrities often have to pay and it is very high.

Famous happens on a stage. It began as a theatre piece and is now been transitioned into a hybrid of theatre and film. A rather creative way to tell a story. Cool to have everything in the story happen right in front of your eyes. It is a rather particular film. One which will only appeal to a niche crowd. One able to stick with a film that happens in one setting and who are able to appreciate such film intricacies such as lighting and editing.

Our eyes have been opened as to the abuses which all too often happen in the entertainment industry. Young and vulnerable being used for the gain of others. It is all rather sick.

Famous is available on VOD/Digital as of December 10th.