Inspired by true events this is a horror film that as it goes on you will not believe any of it actually happened. Director Sonny Mallhi’s slasher film had its premiere at Montreal’s Fantasia film festival back in 2018. Now in 2021, it is finally going to enjoy a stint in theatres.

Mallhi and Solomon Gray co-write the screenplay and like a couple of other horrors, it revolves around Halloween night and scares involving people in masks.

Rose (Emily van Raay – Thank You for Your Patience) moves into a house in the woods. She decides to do this after her husband Tommy (Andrew Creer – from television’s Lethal Weapon), who is in the Army, is deployed as it allows her to be closer to her sister, Lily (Stephanie Moran – Ghastlies). She is very happy when Tommy returns and they are reunited but soon realizes that there is something different about him.

Halloween has come and some strange things begin to happen. The young couple decides to go to Emily’s favorite Halloween spot – the Halloween Hayride. Turns out not to be a great idea as Tommy is struck with obvious PTSD symptoms due to the screams and noises at the event. Not able to handle it, Tommy leaves Rose alone. On Rose’s way home the scares seem to be following her. This leads to Rose and the people she loves having to fight for their very lives.

Though this is another Halloween set horror film it is not your typical one. A slasher film that does not follow the usual route. There are other elements going on besides blood, scares and screams. For instance, at certain points, the film brings attention to the amount of violence we all have seen and as a result how desensitized we are to it. Subtly woven into the story in a way that will only be having you think about it after the end of the film.

For fans of typical slasher films, there is plenty of blood and gore for you to revel in. But again, due to its attempt to add layers into the typical, it not only sheds oodles of blood there is also a leaning towards what the effect of all the death and violence is on a human. That it could lead to some mental health issues like Tommy is going through. Tension is amped up as a result of this unpredictable behaviour on his part.

Not just a simple horror film, it also focuses on constructing a story involving human behaviour.

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