Mondo Hollywoodland

Bizarre. And I mean that with a capital B. You can sum up the whole film in one word – strange. Very.

The psychedelic comedy was made on a mere $10,000 budget during the pandemic and even filmed on a phone. A few out there (and I mean REAL film fans) will recognize that the film’s name is paying homage to the counterculture classic Mondo Hollywood from the 1960s.

Here we follow a groovy mushrooms dealer who goes through Hollywood in the company of a gentleman from the 5th dimension in the hopes of discovering the meaning of “Mondo”.

Even those who like experimental films might find this one a little much. Mostly because the film hops from one scene to the next without really any link between them. What is completely missing is a plot so even the interesting bits lose their luster.

Mondo Hollywoodland enjoyed a limited theatrical release and now is available on Prime Video.