Tom Hardy is back again as one of the strangest anti-hero superheroes in the Marvel stable. It was odd enough the first time out and they have stepped it up even more this time out. It remains dark but there is a lot of humour that often seems stuffed in the most awkward of places. Just doesn’t work. It is almost as if someone who is not a writer did the screenplay….someone like lead actor Tom Hardy.

Now, as an actor, Tom Hardy is great. Takes interesting roles. Doesn’t settle for the usual or even the big box office. Totally think he would make a cool choice as the next James Bond. But as a screenwriter or story guy, I am totally not sold. The storyline here is off. Way off.

There are nuggets of good here. The action is quite cool. It comes fast and furious with some cool wrinkles.

Looking for a big story, journalist Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy – Mad Max: Fury Road, The Dark Knight Rises) turns toward a big splashy exclusive with serial killer Cletus Kasady (Woody Harrelson – The People vs. Larry Flynt, Natural Born Killers), who is on death row.

A snag comes about when Cletus comes upon Eddie’s big secret. He knows he is Venom. Then becomes the new host for Carnage, an even scarier symbiote. This pushes Eddie and Venom to have to work together to stop Cletus in his crazy plan.

Just the buddy schtick totally does not work. The humour often falls flat or gets lost amidst all the hustle and bustle. These missteps take down a film which could have worked.

Special Features:

  • Outtakes & Bloopers
  • 6 Deleted Scenes
  • Eddie & Venom: The Odd Couple
  • Sick and Twisted Cletus Kasady
  • Concept to Carnage
  • Let There Be… Action
  • Digital Copy