Holiday Girls

Three young women who dream of being big stars decide to try out for a competition which aims to find the next big musician. Not long into it, they discover that they work best together as a group and not as solo artists. So they don’t get disqualified from the competition they form a band they call Honey Girl on the down low. As Honey Girls they perform songs together while in disguise so no one knows who they are. Unexpectedly they become huge viral hits. This makes it even harder to keep their identities a secret from the host, superstar Fancy G (played by Ashanti), and stay in the competition. Charlie (played by Ava Grace), Maya (played by Aliyah Mastin) and Alex (played by Frankie McNellis) have to decide whether the chance at personal fame or friendship is more important.

Appropriate for all ages in that there is no objectionable content to be found…that is except that the film is rather cheesy and the acting generally hammy. Cheesy was kind of what I was expecting going in as the film is presented by Build-a-Bear. That being said, it does have a positive message, if you care to get at it under all the cheese. Showing younger people, who might need to hear it, that success is not always what we thought it could be.

Definitely a film aimed at teenage girls.