A sci-fi thriller involving a postman who is brought into a top-secret superhuman DNA program. Andrew has always wanted to find out more about his family’s history. In order to do so, he gives a DNA sample to a research facility. What he finds out is that his family has had a long line of people with special abilities.

He finds out that he will be able to send, receive and control information depending upon the senses of others. Also, he discovers that he is not alone; that there are others with special abilities in the group.

While undergoing training at the research facility in the English countryside, strange things begin to happen around Andrew (Eugene Simon – from television’s Game of Thrones). Things which make him question what is real and what isn’t.

Hmmmm, a thriller that ultimately makes little to no sense. Does not bode well for the viewer. It seems like Martin Grof kinda wanted to make an X-Men or even The Matrix-like film. Only a little darker. Unfortunately, it often trips over its own ambition. Which is too bad as the film is beautiful to look at. The cinematography is inspired. Especially for a lower budget film. Has great style though lacks substance. Then, even if you make it through with some hope, the ending is so…terrible…that you leave completely dissatisfied.

Sensation is now available on VOD and digital.

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