King Car

A film which screened at a bunch of festivals including Montreal’s Fantasia. Centered around a young man’s ability to communicate with cars. Now, stick with me. I mean we did not really flinch when master horror author came out with his own car novel/film Christine. Possessed car. Cars which can communicate with humans. Which is the most unbelievable?

When he was a young boy, Uno’s life was saved and not in your typical way. It wasn’t a human rather a car that saved him from being the victim in a traffic accident. Since that time, the son of a taxi company owner, who was born in the backseat of a taxi, discovers that he can communicate with cars.

He hears the older cars complain about the rules which will keep them off the roads. After hearing this he works with his uncle to transform the older cars into futuristic vehicles that can speak and are conscious. After their transformation, they join the other cars in the King Car taxi roster. Things do not go smoothly as capitalistic zombies bring with them an unhealthy dose of evil.

A sci-fi film which not only brings to the table cars that speak but also has something to say about capitalism, corruption in politics and the climate issues this planet is going through. Messy but interesting.

Tons is going on here. Maybe a little too much. Dance scenes. People talking to cars. A man who is becoming more and more like a car himself as time passes. Speeches. Assembly lines. A woman who is aroused by cars. A little bit of tightening up and you might have gotten a good film.

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