John Carpenter and his musical foils Cody Carpenter and Daniel Davies have just shared “Michael’s Legend,” the third and final advance release from their forthcoming original score for Halloween Kills, with both the film and the soundtrack album released last fall. In contrast with the bombastic violence and unsettling ominosity of previously released cues “Unkillable” and “Rampage,” “Michael’s Legend” is a haunting piano requiem, highlighting the tumultuous emotional undercurrents at play in both the film and its accompanying soundtrack. 

The hypnotic theme to John Carpenter’s 1978 horror masterpiece Halloween has embodied slasher-stalker anxiety for generations of filmgoers, and woven itself so deeply into pop culture that it’s become musical shorthand for the entire horror genre. Taking this under consideration, the trio approached the Halloween Kills score with a reverence for the original work, updating Halloween’s familiar breath-stealing sense of menace and sinister synth tones with a broader sonic palette, staying true to the spirit of what made the original 1978 film great while also bringing it firmly into the present.

David Gordon Green’s 2018 Halloween film returned the story to the 1978 original, and became the highest-grossing chapter in the four-decade franchise, while setting a new record for the biggest opening weekend in history for a horror film starring a woman. The Halloween Kills soundtrack was released by Sacred Bones Records in conjunction with the film release on October 15, 2021 from Universal PicturesMiramax, and Blumhouse


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