A Quirky and Whimsical Fairytale for Grown-Ups – Hazel and Holly

New fantasy book Hazel and Holly by award-winning author Sara C. Snider.

In Hazel and Holly [Double Beast Publishing], young witch sisters Hazel and Holly live in the Grove, a community nestled in an enchanted forest where witches and warlocks practice elemental magic, and where necromancy is not allowed. So when their long-lost father uses necromancy to trap their dead mother’s soul, older sister Hazel is determined to find her father and undo his treachery. But despite Hazel’s plans of becoming a one-woman army, she can’t do everything alone. It’s not until wild sister Holly convinces her to leave the house for once and go to a party that Hazel finds a pair of unlikely allies in two bickering warlock brothers.

Together, the four of them go on a journey that takes them out of the Grove and into a world where necromancy reigns and the dead won’t respectfully stay in the grave. Hazel will do whatever it takes to stop her father and save her mother’s soul, even if it means turning to necromancy, even if it means losing her friends… because they would never help a necromancer. Would they?

Hazel and Holly explores:

  • Sisterly love and the complexity of sibling relationships
  • Coming to accept oneself even (or especially) when it breaks social conventions
  • Learning how to trust and how to love
  • Learning to forgive past hurts and moving on

Sara C. Snider was born and raised in northern California before making the move to Sweden at age 25. She is a published author of two fantasy novels—The Thirteenth Tower and A Shadowed Spirit—and a dark fantasy novella, The Forgotten Web, which won the novella category in the 2015 Lyra Contest. She has a bachelor’s degree in Archives and Information Science and is a proud member of the Stockholm Writers Group.

More information available at www.SaraCSnider.com and you can visit Sara C. Snider on FacebookTwitterInstagramBookBub, and GoodReads.

Hazel and Holly is currently available for order through Amazon and Barnes & Noble

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