Harold and Maude – Blu-ray Edition

Some films, no matter how much time passes, remain relevant and watchable. This is the case with Harold and Maude. Way back in 1971 Harold and Maude, starring Ruth Gordon and Bud Cort in the lead roles, was released and today in 2022 you can watch it with just as much enjoyment.

The story centers around a younger man who meets an older woman. AT A FUNERAL!! I mean not your typical place to meet someone of the opposite sex. But when opportunity knocks you better answer!

Harold (played by Bud Cort) is at a funeral and he meets a woman. An older woman. A woman in her seventies. He is young, rich and obsessed with death. While at one of his favourite places – a funeral – he meets a woman that he clicks with. She is a lively seventy-something and her name is Maude (played by Ruth Gordon).

Having pretty much given up on life, Harold wishes he was dead. That mindset changes after he meets Maude. She begins to show him that there is still plenty of reason to live life and find it enjoyable. They do plenty of things together. Love comes a calling but it is complicated as she is well, near 80 and he is closer to 20. Still, Harold wants to marry her.

The lesson to be learned here is that age is nothing but a number. Packaged in a beautiful and well-acted way. An original way to tell this story is done by director Hal Ashby and writer Colin Higgins. Plenty of dark humour as well as a great soundtrack by Cat Stevens. Everything here still resonates today.

Special Features:


-Yusuf/Cat Stevens on Harold and Maude

-Digital Copy