The Only One

Most of us get to that age where we have to grow up. Become less self-absorbed and think of others and what we want from life. There is no set age for this; it just happens. Some earlier and some later. A few, not at all. Decisions have to be made. We have to decide what behaviours will service the kind of life we envision. This is exactly the dilemma that just turned thirty Tom is undergoing. And while we might not be there yet or have had to make the same kind of choices she does, it is interesting to watch others go through the process.

Though in this instance it is rather hard to relate to Tom as she is a rather selfish person. Not that a film featuring a largely unlikeable female lead is written off right away. It is just that here you really have to work to feel any sympathy or root for Tom as she seems to be someone who has breezed through life always thinking only of herself.

Having just turned thirty, Tom (Caitlin Stasey – I, Frankenstein, Spring Breakdown) realizes she has some decisions to make. So far she has spent her entire adult life wandering around the planet. Going anywhere the wind blows her. Not really making any lasting relationships, especially of the romantic variety. In her mind, she would have fun and gather a heap of stories to tell her grandchildren someday. Now, her biological clock seems to be ticking loudly and she begins to consider getting the whole family thing going.

Her first step is traveling to the south of France to go to a vineyard. At said vineyard is David (Jon Beavers – from televison’s Animal Kingdom), who has spent years establishing the vineyard. Working backbreaking and long hours to make quality wine. When they met six years ago the two had a short fling which ended with Tom saying she was going out for cigarettes and never coming back. David had fallen in love with Tom and her leaving deeply affected him. She is now, due to her ticking biological clock, reconsidering her leaving the only man she had ever thought about settling down with.

David, who has done nothing but make wine for six years, halts everything to attempt a reconnection with Tom, a woman he has never been able to get off his mind or out of his heart. Tom has to decide whether she wants to settle down or keep traveling the world.

As it takes place in wine country in the south of France, the visuals are stunning here. Warm colours, beautiful skies and breathtaking vistas abound. The cinematography definitely warms the heart. But all it does is gloss over a script which is a little lacking. Lacking in depth and, as such, a reason to connect to it. That along with the fact that you don’t really feel like rooting for either of the two main characters makes it hard to lose yourself in what is happening onscreen. Tom is rather crass, selfish and basically unappealing. So you really don’t want her to get the guy she is now considering.

The Only One is now available on VOD.

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