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Three Films by Ann Hui
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A Simple Life

When Ah Tao (Deanie Ip), a servant to the Leung family for nearly 60 years, suffers a stroke, she decides to quit her job and move into a local nursing home. The man she cared for since he was a boy, Roger (Andy Lau), takes it upon himself to help her adjust to her new life, which involves getting to know her new nursing home family, a motley crew of unique and quirky residents. As Ah Tao’s health deteriorates, roles reverse, with Roger now taking charge of her care.

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The Golden Era

Tang Wei plays famed Chinese writer Xiao Hong in director Ann Hui’s epic feature recounting her short life; from her childhood in the Heilongjiang Province to her final days in Hong Kong’s Repulse Bay.

The love of the author’s life, newspaper editor Xiao Jun (played by Feng Shao Feng), and the inspiration she drew from him as well as the surrounding literary scene in creating some of China’s most enduring masterpieces is explored against the backdrop of a turbulent time that included the formation of the Chinese Communist government and World War II.

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Our Time Will Come

New and Classic Documentaries from Colombia!
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Brickmakers (Chircales)
A film by Marta Rodriguez and Jorge Silva
 Considered a classic Latin American and Colombian documentary film, Brickmakers chronicles the search for a film production methodology that could be adapted to the sociopolitical conditions of Latin America. Filming began in 1966 in Tunjuelito, a neighborhood in southern Bogota, where the owners of large farms were renting out their land for artisanal brick production. Using the framework of “participant observation,” filmmakers integrated themselves into the community of brickmakers and spent five years working closely with the Castañeda family.

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Mute Fire
A film by Federico Atehortúa

A family accident leads filmmaker Federico Atehortúa Arteaga to discover the strange relationship that exists between his mother, the origins of Colombian cinema and recent events of the Colombian armed conflict.

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The Calm After the Storm
A film by Mercedes Gaviria Jaramillo
 After studying abroad, Mercedes returns to Colombia to work on the next film by her father, the famous filmmaker Víctor Gaviria (The Rose Seller). Fluctuating between admiration and reproach, Mercedes constructs a private diary that goes beyond familial conflicts to question the place of women in the film world, which is still strongly ingrained with a patriarchal mindset.

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