Claudel Doucet, Amélie Aumont and Andrée-Anne Pellerin
will share the Executive Management of the organization

LA SERRE – arts vivants has announced the appointment of Claudel Doucet to the position of Artistic
Director and Co-Executive Director of the organization. This appointment further consolidates the Management
Committee already counting as its members Amélie Aumont, Communications & Philanthropy Director and
Co-Executive Director, and Andrée-Anne Pellerin, Administration & Production Director and Co-Executive Director.
Appointed at the beginning of the New Year, Claudel has been granted a transitional period during which she
receives support from Vincent de Repentigny, Co-Founder of LA SERRE, whose departure from the organization at
the end of January after eight years at its head was announced last November.

LA SERRE enters this new chapter in its young history with confidence. The Selection Committee, consisting
of Paul Langlois, chair of the Board of Directors, Emilie Monnet and Jasmine Catudal, members of the Board of
Directors, as well as Amélie Aumont and Andrée-Anne Pellerin, Co-Executive Directors, is convinced Claudel will
breathe new energy into the organization. Claudel‘s application quickly became the obvious choice thanks to
her deep understanding of LA SERRE‘s mission and challenges, as well as her leadership and her artistic career.
Claudel has exhibited an inspiring and bold artistic vision throughout both the outreach of her own creations and
her nurturing of major interdisciplinary projects. She proposes a compassionate, inclusive, and reinvigorating
approach in line with the mission of the organization, which will emphasize the relevance and uniqueness of

“It is with great humility that I join the work of a team of dedicated professionals whose legacy I cherish. I‘m
carried away on the gust of my endless adolescence, forever brazenly idealistic. I‘m reaching a pivotal point of
unprecedented energy as it pertains to multifaceted challenges. For all our communities, I dream of radiance
and peace, of wide, clear-sighted, and delicate springs. The collapse will not take away our burning desire to create
encounters, to reimagine, to tear down, and to bring ourselves back together. LA SERRE can serve as the cradle of
utopias. I wish for us to have our hands dirty, creators of the possibles, gleaners of communions, manufacturers of
events, spaces, and unknown locations from which we can observe ourselves from a new angle,” Claudel Doucet, the
new Artistic Director and Co-Executive Director of LA SERRE – arts vivants, said.


LA SERRE would like to take this opportunity to unveil its brand-new visual identity! Designed by Marie-France
Gaudet and Eveline Lupien from Supersystème, it emphasizes the idea of openness and highlights the artists as
well as the organization‘s bold and rigorous approach. But, the public will have to wait until February 2022 to
discover LA SERRE‘s new website.


Save the date! Produced by LA SERRE, the OFFTA, live art festival, will hold its 16th edition from May 17th to
June 5th, 2022.

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