I MIGHT BE DEAD BY TOMORROW by Steve Patry – now available on DVD and VOD

An authentic encounter with the survivors of the streets

The DVD and VOD release of the documentary I Might Be Dead By Tomorrow by Steve Patry (From Prisons to PrisonsWaseskun), a film that introduces us to endearing humans who are on complex journeys, while also helping us to understand the stakes of homelessness and the essential work done by street outreach workers.

Presented as a world premiere at the Quebec City Film Festival (QCFF), then launched in theatres and in virtual cinema in 2021, I Might Be Dead By Tomorrow is now available on DVD and video on demand (VOD) via the F3M.ca platform.

I MIGHT BE DEAD BY TOMORROW (Documentary feature, Quebec, 2020, 75 minutes)

Every day, in a consulting room, the patients land; broken, sick and marked by life. In front of them sits an invested person who tries, without false hope, to repair the bodies and the psyches. In this cramped room where the world and a suffering humanity parade, each one of them confides with disarming authenticity. At night, when the doors of the resources are closed, street social workers storm the city to extend their support to all those unfortunate people who live on the streets. The metropolis becomes a veritable open-air refuge featuring a series of unexpected encounters, places full of strangeness, scattered discussions, wandering souls and dormant bodies hidden from the eyes of passers-by as ghostly visions.

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