Discover ARTS. FILM for free until January 30

Since the beginning of the pandemic, The FIFA (Festival International du Film sur Arts) team has been working to make the best of film on art accessible and discoverable. Before introducing you to the films of their 40th edition, from March 15 to 27, they wanted to offer you the opportunity to take a moment of escape and enrichment, by exceptionally opening the doors of their online art film platform, ARTS. FILM.

Until midnight on January 30th, take a visual and cultural journey through a selection of nearly 300 art films online and get into festival mode. Photography, architecture, painting, dance, classical music. Documentaries, short films, fiction, captions. Let yourself be guided in the best that art has to offer by artists from here and all around.

Take advantage of your free access* now, by using your promo code: SMTELPBJTA.
*Limited quantities and time



Claudio Monteverdi, at the sources of the opera by Philippe Béziat

In a constant dialogue between his scores interpreted by today’s musicians and an illustrated chronicle of Claudio Monteverdi, discover the journey of a man who forever changed our representation of reality.

Luc Durand Leaving Delhi by Etienne Desrosiers

From Montreal to Geneva, from New Delhi to Chandigarh, follow the steps of the eminent figure in Quebec architecture behind the Quebec Pavilion at Expo 67.

I found Christian B. by Alain Fleischer

Award for Best cinematic essay, FIFA 2021

In several films and installations, Boltanski invented a unique, ominous world. This exceptional film testifies to his art, his influence, and his steadfast friendship with the director.

THEATRON. Romeo Castellucci by Giulio Boato

An account of Romeo Castellucci’s unique life, this documentary presents his prolific career with archival documentation of rehearsals and European tours that he conducted.

Mother’s by Hippolyte Leibovici

Distinctions in various festivals such as Cinémondes, Escales Documentaires and more

As masculine features gradually soften under layers of makeup, as glasses are emptied, so the stories begin to flow in this documentary portraying a family of drag queens in Brussels.

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