One Shot

Back in the day there was a term – straight to video and within the action film genre there were plenty of films that were part of that category. Nowadays, that term is rather obsolete due to all the streaming services and VOD. Meaning that some great films never really make it to theatres. But if straight to video still existed then James Nunn’s One shot would certainly be one. There are some intense action/gunfight sequences here but not much else. Plus the acting is rather laughable in instances.

It is almost as if Nunn figured that if he used enough explosions, bullets being fired and other loud noises we would be distracted from the awful dialogue. Not quite, Mr. Nunn. Couple that the fact that the actors delivering that awkward dialogue do it almost uniformly in a rather wooden way signals the death knell for the film.

The story involves an elite squad of Navy SEALs who have been sent on a covert mission to bring back a prisoner from a CIA black site island prison. This becomes rather impossible when the island is overrun by a group of heavily armed men looking to spring the prisoner. Death seems certain unless the highly trained Jake Harris (Scott Adkins – The Expendables 2, Ip Man 4: The Finale) can figure a way out against all odds.

A cool aspect of the film is that it was seemingly filmed in one continuous shot. What that does is kinda make it have the feel of those first-person shooter style video games. So some of you out there might dig the film just on that aspect alone.

For those with more discerning tastes in regards to films, it will be an abject bore. Or maybe even provide you with some laughs in parts.

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