Last Night in Soho – Blu-ray/DVD Combo Edition

A flawed film can still be a fun watch. Last Night in Soho proves that theory. It is a combo of Gone Girl and Promising Young Woman. Filled with twists and turns making you think one thing and then revealing another. Make sure you are up to being led down the garden path a la prepare to be gaslight. Just a little, though.

Different from most of what is out there now. Giving you trips back in time to give dribs and drabs of what is going on today. Wild ride. Not what I was expecting going in.

Lots of the elements here are great. Directing and writing (Edgar Wright, who directed Baby Driver and Shaun of the Dead) shows a fresh take on a genre that all too often has become drab. Another strong performance by “it” girl Anna Taylor Joy of The Queen’s Gambit fame along with The Crown’s Matt Smith and veteran actress Diana Rigg and actor Terence Stamp. Some very cool music in the soundtrack. Finally, a really vivid replication of London in the 60s.

The psychological thriller is centered around a young female designer who discovers that she can travel back in time to the 1960s. While there she meets an up-and-coming singer named Sandie. However, the glamour soon wears off and turns dark quickly.

An ambitious film from critics’ darling Wright that has great elements, but at times it did not live up to the director’s intentions. At times you feel like you are caught in a loop which is neverending and seems to not be getting anywhere. So in the end, it is a near miss.

Special Features:

-Deleted Scenes

-Go Behind the Scenes with Filmmakers & Talent

-Digital Copy