Clifford: The Big Red Dog – Blu-ray Edition

Emily (played by Darby Camp), who has just moved to New York City with her mom (played by Sienna Guillory) and is dealing with being the new kid, wakes up one morning to discover her cute red puppy named Clifford has grown. Now it is normal for a puppy to grow, but to the height of 10 feet overnight isn’t. The young girl needs help so she turns to her rather eccentric Uncle Casey (played by Jack Whitehall).

As they are figuring things out, an evil scientist (played by Tony Hale) has set his sights on Clifford. The scientist sees dollar signs and notoriety if he uses the unique dog to fuel research at his company.

Now it will take a village to hide the huge puppy from those with bad intentions as they race across the city.

For years young people have grown to know and love the big red dog named Clifford via the books by writer Norman Bridwell. Now he is making a transition to the big screen in his own mostly live action feature film. The type of adventure and hijinx Clifford gets himself and the humans who love him into translates perfectly into film. Here Clifford is brought to life courtesy of CGI while all the other characters are real humans.

The nature of the books has been transported into the film. It is fun, funny and largely warmhearted. A total family film. Maybe a little too much so as the older folks watching the film might find the supposedly evil Tiernan not really a baddie to be feared. But the young ones will be satisfied with all the crazy antics and funny moments that the huge red dog gets up to. Whether it is chasing balls clumsily, sniffing butts or going to the vet, there are plenty of silly moments which will elicit giggles from the young ones. The humour works due to the cute script and the willingness of the cast to go along with just about anything.

Special Features:

  • Part of the Pack
  • Acting is for the Dogs
  • The Magic of Bridwell
  • Tips & Tricks for Taking Care of a 10-Foot Dog
  • Deleted Scenes

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