Furioso: a whimsical epic presented at the Maison Théâtre from February 16


February 16-27

The Maison Théâtre is reopening its doors with the presentation of FURIOSO from February 16 to 27. Thanks to inventive and varied puppets, a modern chivalrous epic aimed at children from 8 to 12 years old comes to life on stage. Freely inspired by medieval folklore and the imagination of tales, FURIOSO thwarts codes and stereotypes. The effects of the potions are rather dubious, the knights may not be so brave, and the princesses, more courageous and freed than we think. This work is Simon Boudreault’s first project as artistic director of the Théâtre de l’Œil, who succeeds co-founder André Laliberté, who has been in the position since 1973.

Nothing is going well between the North and the South; the war is raging. But now it takes a strange turn when the generals of the opposite camps decide to abandon their army to go in search of a beautiful princess on the run, with whom they are both in love. They will meet on their way a soldier with a broken leg, a brave knight galloping on their heels, a hippogriff, an orca, and a feminist magician. Everyone is running after everyone else… after love or reason! Who will win the battle and the hearts? And why not intrepid heroines?

This army of colorful characters comes to life before our eyes thanks to a wide variety of techniques and puppet forms: puppets, rod puppets, gripping hand puppets, bunraku inspiration or flat. In a setting that unfolds or folds to the rhythm of incredible adventures, this tasty and joyfully offbeat epic parades with a broken bridle, raising laughter and pleasure in its path.


Théâtre de l’Œil

For audiences from 8 to 12 years old/From 16 to 27 February 2022

Info and tickets: https://www.maisontheatre.com/spectacle/furioso/

Text: Olivier Kemeid / Director: Simon Boudreault / Cast: Carolina ChmielewskiNicolas Germain-MarchandSimone Latour Bellavance and Jethro Rome / Scenography and puppet design: Richard Lacroix / Music: Michel F. Côté / Lighting: Gilles Perron / Artisans: Jean Cummings, Ève-Lyne Dallaire, Marie-Ève Fortier, Alice Lepage-Acosta, Richard Morin, Samuel Saint-Pierre and Mélanie Whissel / Workshop supervision: Richard Lacroix / Photos: Michel Pinault