The conferences from the 2021 edition are now available on their YouTube channel. Fill up on new ideas by learning from passionate leaders from the local and international video game industry! 

Unforgettable guests
Let yourself be inspired by the panels of their VIP speakers. With impressive backgrounds, these industry legends are sure to inspire you.

Join Discord co-founder Eros Resmini as he discusses his efforts to evolve businesses and his reflections on future opportunities for the gaming industry.

Watch the post-mortem discussion of AAA industry veterans Arcade Berg and Tor Frick on their action game The Ascent.

You’re invited to sit down with legendary game designer Charles Cecil as he discusses his career, the challenges of working on adventure games, and what the future holds for the genre.

For all you music lovers out there, join the talented musicians Darren KorbJosef Falkensköld, and Sheenah Ko. They’ll explore with you their process for creating music for video games.
Watch them here: 
Impactful discussions on burning topics
The 2021 programming featured fascinating current topics related to various fields of the industry. Megamigs conferences will provide you with new perspectives on many themes such as:
The rise of the AAA mobile experiences. 
The theme of utopia and its place in the construction of imaginary worlds in video games.
The importance of marketing in the development of a game.
The inclusion of player feedback in the development principles of a game to reconcile the UX experience and player expectations.
The transmedia approach and its main lessons. 
How high-fidelity haptics are redefining entertainment experiences. 
The dark arts of public relations in modern games. 
How to properly build your project’s funding application.
And more!

Learn about the higher education programs offered

The Education Zone presented by SYNTHÈSE brought together speakers from some of the best academic programs in digital creation in the province. You will find the following higher education institutions: Institut Grasset, Cégep de Matane, Campus ADN, UQAM, UQAT, and School NAD-UQAC.
 They presented their different programs, their admission requirements and process, the various career opportunities, the graduate programs offered, and more.
Watch them here: 

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