Get ready to fall in love this Valentine’s Day with some of everyone’s favorite cinematic romances. Whether it’s the thrill of that first encounter or the depths of a decade-long affair, a quick and dramatic tryst or the bitter regret of a breakup, love can take many shapes and forms. This month, MUBI presents some of the greatest swoon-worthy romances to warm the coldest of hearts, including work from Ryusuke Hamaguchi (Drive My Car), Éric Rohmer, the late Jean-Jacques Beineix, as well as a tender double feature that we all need right now: the contemporary gem Take This Waltz (Sarah Polley) with Leo McCarey’s wildly influential classic Love Affair. This pairing of films will make you believe in love and in the power of cinema again. 

Take This Waltz – February 13

Undeniable in its emotional authenticity, Sarah Polley’s second feature is a profound examination of love, life, and the lies we tell ourselves. Featuring an astonishing performance from Michelle Williams, Polly gently interrogates the questions at the heart of every relationship, all with an intelligence essentially extinct from Hollywood romantic comedies.

Love Affair – February 14

Leo McCarey brings his signature elegant touch to this story of true love, forestalled. Starring Irene Dunne and Charles Boyer as a former nightclub singer and a French playboy, imbued with all the charm and seductive power of the classic screwball couple, Love Affair is an exquisitely tender romantic comedy that elevates the staid genre to something that moves graciously from dazzling to soul-stirring.

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