In this Belgian French-language series originally released there in 2020, the tension is at a high level from the very beginning. It takes place in the fictional small city of Greux where birds begin falling from the sky then people are literally disappearing. Over the course of ten days, some people and their families have to deal with this, but not in a way you would think. Some of them are becoming invisible.

Soon it becomes apparent that invisibility is the oddest superpower. Imagine being able to do almost anything you can think of without being seen. This leads to no repercussions or anyone judging what they choose to do. Liberty or burden? Benefit or disease? Despite the differences what each affected person will do is try to save the world. Each in their own way.

Using elements of mystery and realism mixed together, Unseen is a rather unique series. Makes you think. Think about how you view things and how important our senses are.

The eight-part series directed by Geoffrey Enthoven is now available to be streamed.

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