Nick Cannon Holds Nothing Back on The Language of Love Podcast with Relationship Therapist Dr. Laura Berman

Secrets revealed: Cannon got candid with Dr. Berman on her latest podcast – The Language of Love

Nick Cannon shocked fans when he recently revealed he is having another baby. Cannon currently has 7 children by 4 different women, making this upcoming baby his 8th child by 5 different women. 

Cannon, who was previously wed to Mariah Carey and shares twins with her, sat down with Dr. Laura Berman to discuss his relationship dramas, his many ‘baby mamas,’ and why he doesn’t see monogamy in his future. The podcast, which was also filmed, saw Cannon in the hotseat as he endeavored to explain his love life to the sex expert.

On the podcast, Dr. Berman challenges Cannon on why he is continuing to be intimate with so many of his ex-partners, and whether or not they are allowed to have other partners as well. (The answer may surprise you). He also reveals why he doesn’t want his partners to use sex toys in the bedroom and how being a self-professed germaphobe impacts his sexual decisions.

This is Cannon’s most candid interview to date, and Dr. Berman finally gets answers to many of the questions that Cannon’s fans and critics have had for years.

Click here to listen to the Nick Cannon episode of “The Language of Love” podcast.

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