In the Metaverse for Le Phoque OFF Music Festival! FEBRUARY 21–25

Le Phoque OFF
Quebec City’s Premier Alt Music Fest to Take Place 100% in the Metaverse!

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FEB 21–25, 2022
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From February 21 to 25, Quebec City’s premier alt music festival, Le Phoque OFF, reinvents itself in groundbreaking fashion to present its eighth edition entirely in the NOWHERE metaverse. Through showcases pre-recorded live on stage, music lovers will once again be able to discover the hidden gems of the Quebec and Franco-Canadian alternative music scenes, in addition to musical acts from Mexico and France.

For its eighth edition, Le Phoque OFF has made it a mission to be more inclusive than ever and to further open its doors to diversity. As always, the lineup is an eclectic mix of alternative and groundbreaking artists, and this year is no different.

“We’re thrilled that nearly half our lineup is made up of women musicians this year and that we’re able to highlight artists of all stripes by teaming up with Groover (France) and Chido Carnal Fest (Mexico). One of our favourite events is Fanmi se Famni (Family is Family), a collaboration with Pasa Musik in celebration of Black History Month.”  Yanick Kapuano (Head of Programming, Le Phoque OFF)

Le Phoque OFF 2022 highlights include: Douance‘s raw, ‘90s-inspired lo-fi grunge; the sweet folk melodies of  l i l a and Charlotte Brousseau; the disco/trash sounds of MC Auguste; the hip-hop vibes of Sensei HLes Lunatiques and Worry rocking out the metaverse; Vitrail’s introduction to their post-metal palette; and many more! The festival will also present two launch shows – Solipsisme and Aléatoire – as well as Virginie B’s first performance since the release of her album Insula.

Following the Quebec government’s announcement to lock down music venues once again due to the pandemic, Le Phoque OFF took on the mission of transposing the concept of the festival as we know it into a cutting-edge virtual event. Every night, from February 21 to 25, festival-goers will have the opportunity to run (virtually) from one unforgettable immersive world to another, to attend performances by the artists of their choice.

Through a captivating festival metaverse, audiences will be able to enjoy the shared experience of a live show and interact with each other while exploring these 3D worlds, which will contain everything expected at a live show plus a number of surprises. Thanks to the creative technology of Brooklyn-based innovators NOWHERELe Phoque OFF will be one of the first music festivals to take place in the metaverse and will be accessible to music fans anywhere in the world.

“The eighth edition of Le Phoque OFF is something we’d been organizing for almost a year, and then on December 16, barely six hours after we unveiled our first wave of artists, we learned of the tightening of COVID restrictions and shutdown of venues — we had to start all over again and find a new concept. Despite the many challenges this posed, the team has drawn on its experience from last year’s lockdown edition to pull out all the stops and ensure an unforgettable metaverse edition!”–Patrick Labbé (General Manager, Le Phoque OFF)

Le Phoque OFF metaverse festival experience gives the audience the opportunity to travel across alternative 3D universes to discover an eclectic musical line-up. Attendees will be able to run from one virtual stage to the next to catch the artists they want to see, while having the chance to watch the shows and explore the universes with friends.

To optimize the metaverse festival experience, a camera, headphones, and a recent computer (2015+) are mandatory. It is also recommended to have only one tab open (via Google Chrome) when attending a show.

Tickets for public shows are available at

Established in 2015, Le Phoque OFF is an annual festival dedicated to showcasing emerging artists all while creating networking opportunities in a professional yet relaxed setting. Inclusive and affordable, Le Phoque OFF’s mission is to introduce tomorrow’s artists to today’s performing arts market professionals, and to bring forth debates and discussions about current issues affecting the alternative music industry.