The documentary JANE PAR CHARLOTTE, directed by Charlotte Gainsbourg, will open on March 18. For the occasion, the director will be in Montreal from March 14 to 16 to present this intimate film to the Quebec public. The film is a touching and modest gesture of love from a girl, Charlotte Gainsbourg, to her mother, Jane Birkin, an invitation to observe their mother-daughter relationship. After premiering in Montreal at the Cinemania Festival last November, JANE PAR CHARLOTTE will open in theaters across the province on March 18, 2022.

Charlotte Gainsbourg began filming her mother, Jane Birkin, to watch her as she had never done before. The modesty of one facing the other had never allowed such a rapprochement. But through the camera, the ice breaks to bring out an unprecedented exchange, over several years, which gradually erases the two artists and exposes them in an unprecedented and universal intimate conversation to reveal a mother in front of a daughter. Jane by Charlotte.

By the director’s own admission, the film’s personal approach, which turned into a professional approach over the years, allowed her to get closer to her mother, Jane Birkin. Charlotte Gainsbourg sums up JANE PAR CHARLOTTE in these words: “I realized that we loved each other in an obvious way but that we had never been able to tell each other. There was a modesty between us that I wanted to explore, I needed an excuse to get closer to her. If I summarize this film most simply, it’s a desire for intimacy with my mother and that’s it.”