Rayannah will return to the stage with a virtual performance at the Phoque Off‘s opening cocktail, presented by Les SMAQ, a hybrid concert in Montreal as part of Indie Montreal’s Insolitudes 2’s concert series and a return to France for the Festival Changez d’Air.

The one-of-a-kind multi-instrumentalist Rayannah will present a new virtual version of her Les derniers reflets live performance during the Festival Phoque Off. She surrounded herself with a stellar creative team to build this unique virtual concert experience. With the help of Red Rover Entertainment on set design and lighting, she successfully created a magical universe in which she and her two guest artists (keyboardist and singer Caro LaFlamme and jazz drummer Fabio Ragnelli) float on moving platforms that sway to the rhythm of each song. Filmed at the Cercle Molière in Winnipeg, this artistic recording will be showcased to entertainment industry professionals at the SMAQ Metavers Cocktail today at 4 pm.

After having been absent from Montreal for almost two years, the Manitoba-born artist will be able to reconnect with her audience as part of the Insolitudes 2 concert series presented by Indie Montreal. Joined by Titelaine and MoKa, she will perform at Le Balcon on March 2nd during the series’ pop night.

Rayannah will also get back to international touring with a trip to France for the Festival Changez d’Air on May 20th.