Algiers Confidential

For fans of international thrillers or spy stories then the German television series might be right up your alley. The four episodes are now available to be streamed.

As Fox Mulder used to say, the name of the game here is “trust no one”. No one here is what they seem. Mystery, corruption, secret agents, terrorists, and weapons sales abound. In the midst of all this is a couple from opposite sides trying to be in a relationship.

Ralf (Ken Duken – Inglorious Basterds) and Amel (Hania Amar – The Well) both live in Germany. He is a police investigator and she is of Algerian heritage and a prosecutor. Their love is put to the test after returning from a romantic weekend in Tangiers to find themselves on different sides. Not only will this put their love in jeopardy but also their lives.

An interesting look at what it is like to be an Arab living in a white Western world. The racism, the profiling and the misunderstanding. We also see that there is not much difference in the behaviour between the so-called good guys and the bad ones. Both sides operate in the grey.

Definitely a series that you can easily binge watch as there are only four episodes. The twists and gritty realism will keep you transfixed.