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After spending five years writing his novel, British author Henry Copper (Sam Clafin – Me Before You, Last Night in Soho)is rather crushed when it is a flop. As is his publisher Jen Spencer (Lucy Punch – Into the Woods, Bad Teacher). As the serious writer is veering towards morose, his fortunes change. Kinda…

Jen calls Henry with the good news that amazingly his novel has gone to the top of the sales list in Mexico. To capitalize on this, she sends him off there on a book tour. Henry is going to be accompanied on the tour by the woman who translated his novel into Spanish, Maria Rodriguez (Veronica Echegui – Verbo, Kamikaze).

Once in Mexico, Henry is thrown for a bit of a loop when he discovers that the popularity of the novel is due to the translation by Maria. She has completely brought the dull story to life. Filled now with passion, love and plenty of sex, the Mexican public is eating it up.

Henry is torn as he is happy for the success but not as much so that his (what he believed to be a love story) novel has been transformed into erotic fiction. He and Maria, along with her young son (Ruy Gaytan – first film) and grandfather (Fernando Becerril – The Legend of Zorro, Get the Gringo), have to travel around the country in a small Volkswagon Beetle and being in such close quarters makes the sparks between the two opposites ignite.

Despite the fact that this is another in a long line of formulaic romantic comedies (I mean you can see all the elements of the story coming from a mile away), there was still some potential for a good film there. Unfortunately, the ball has been dropped.

That is mostly because the two leads have little chemistry. Both bring their characters to the screen as they are written – the dull British writer and the spicy Mexican single mom – but once together in a romantic way it just does not work. Very little of that je ne sais quoi that is required to carry a rom com. Maybe it is because the attraction between the two seems to come out of nowhere. Poof! Without the magic.

You want to like the film but cannot convince yourself to. The premise is fun, some of the humour will tickle you and the acting is decent (except maybe for Maria’s ex). That does not add up to a film that you will recommend to your friends.

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