Photo Credit: Ed Wu

LINOLEUM – World Premiere – Narrative Feature Competition

Written & Directed by: Colin West

Produced by: Chad Simpson, Dennis Masel, and Chadd Harbold

Starring: Jim Gaffigan (Grammy-nominated stand-up comedian, “The Jim Gaffigan Show”, Upcoming Peter Pan & Wendy), Rhea Seehorn (“Better Call Saul”, “Veep”), Katelyn Nacon (“The Walking Dead”, “T@gged”), Gabriel Rush (Moonrise Kingdom, The Grand Budapest Hotel), Amy Hargreaves (“Homeland”, “13 Reasons Why”), West Duchovny (A Mouthful of AirThe Report), Michael Ian Black (Wet Hot American Summer, “The State”), Tony Shalhoub (“Monk”, “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel”), Elisabeth Henry (The Sisterhood of NightBehind the Mirror), and Roger Hendricks Simon (Love in KilnerryThe Sublet)

When a satellite falls from orbit and crashes into the home of a dysfunctional family in suburban Ohio, the father seizes the opportunity to fulfill his childhood dream of becoming an astronaut by re-creating the machine as his own rocket ship. While his wife and daughter believe he is experiencing a midlife crisis, surreal events begin to unfold around him, forcing him to reconsider how interconnected their lives truly are…

In-Person Screening Times:

Saturday, March 12 at 7:15 PM CT at Alamo Lamar D

Sunday, March 13 at 12:45 PM CT at Violet Crown Cinema 2

Sunday, March 13 at 1:15 PM CT at Violet Crown Cinema 4

Thursday, March 17 at 6:30 PM  CT at ZACH Theatre

Online Screening Time:

Sunday, March 13 at 9:00 AM CT

MICKEY: THE STORY OF A MOUSE – World Premiere – Documentary Spotlight (Disney Original Documentary) 

Directed by: Jeff Malmberg

Produced by: Morgan Neville, Meghan Walsh, Chris Shellen

Executive Produced by: Caitrin Rogers

Cinematography by: Antonio Cisneros

Editing by: Jake Hostetter, Aaron Wickenden, Miles Wilkerson

Sound Design by: Lawrence Everson

Music by: Daniel Wohl

Featuring: Eric Goldberg, Mark Henn, Randy Haycock, Floyd Norman, Carmenita Higginbotham, Rebecca Cline, Kevin Kern, and Bob Iger

Mickey Mouse is one of the most enduring symbols in our history. Those three simple circles take on meaning for virtually everyone on the planet. So ubiquitous in our lives that he can seem invisible, Mickey is something we all share, with unique memories and feelings. Over the course of his nearly century-long history, Mickey functions like a mirror, reflecting our personal and cultural values back at us. “Mickey: The Story of a Mouse” explores Mickey’s significance, getting to the core of what Mickey’s cultural impact says about each of us and about our world.

In-Person Screening Time:

Saturday, March 19th at 12:00 PM CT at The Paramount Theatre

Online Screening Time:

Sunday, March 20th at 9:00 AM CT