A Revealing Exploration of What It Takes to
Succeed As a Young Artist in Today’s Tumultuous Art World

Receives Texas Premiere at the 2022 SXSW Film Festival, March 11-19

Directed by former Austinite Kelcey Edwards in her feature documentary debut, the film follows a talented group of emerging artists to expose an art world ecosystem in need of reinvention. It was also a selection of the DOC NYC, Hamptons, Miami and Santa Fe film festivals, among others.

SXSW Screenings
Friday, March 11, 9:30 pm – Violet Crown Cinema 2
Friday, March 11, 10:00 pm – Violet Crown Cinema 4
Saturday, March 12, 9:00am CT/10:00am ET – Online
*Available for a 48-hour window
Wednesday, March 16, 6:00 pm – ZACH Theater
Saturday, March 19, 3:00pm – AFS Cinema

Focusing on a diverse group of young artists at pivotal moments in their careers, THE ART OF MAKING IT explores the forces that thrust some into the stratosphere while leaving others struggling to survive. Who gets seen, who gets left behind, and why does it matter who is anointed to tell the stories of our time? Interweaving the voices of art world leaders and disruptors, the film is both a cautionary tale about what America stands to lose if we don’t rethink what we value and why, and a love letter to those who persevere in their artistic practice in spite of the extraordinary odds of ever achieving commercial success.

THE ART OF MAKING IT is directed by Kelcey Edwards and produced by Debi Wisch. Co-producers are Allison Berg and Susan Norget. Executive producers are Regina K. Scully, Mara Burros Sandler, Andrew Mer, and George Wells. Editor: Nyneve Laura Minnear. Co-editor: Inés Vogelfang. Cinematographer: Sebastian Lasaosa Rogers. Composer: Troy Herion.

Featuring: Felipe Baeza, Andrea Bowers, Lisa Corinne Davis, Charles Gaines, César García-Alvarez, Marc Glimcher, Jenna Gribbon, Hilde Lynn Helphenstein, Gisela McDaniel, Helen Molesworth, Anne Pasternak, Jerry Saltz, Stefan Simchowitz, Chris Watts, and more.