L’Acte de la Beauté by Nicolas Paquet in Theatres Now

After having its world premiere at the Festival International du Cinéma Francophone en Acadie (FICFA), this documentary highlighting a new form of agriculture will be presented to Quebec audiences across the province and began its journey in Montreal and Quebec City on Friday, February 25.

Camouflaged in the heart of the Monts du Bic, in a region called the Bas-du-Fleuve, resides a community of spirits, bold spirits that take root. The collective farm “Sageterre” is the work of Jean Bédard, writer, philosopher, and foremost, a peasant. Through his writings, he germinates the action. Through his gestures in the earth, he cultivates thought. Jean Bédard fights against the sleep of the world with his pen and his shovel.

Anchored in Saint-Alexandre de Kamouraska, Nicolas Paquet directed L’ACTE DE LA BEAUTÉ, his fifth feature film after La Règle d’orCeux comme la terreEsprit de Cantine and Chef.fe.s de brousse. The independent filmmaker once again demonstrates his love for the area, while highlighting the current fragility of agriculture in the world. The result is a touching and poetic documentary carried by the gaze of the philosopher and peasant Jean Bédard. 

L’ACTE DE LA BEAUTÉ was available beginning on February 25, 2022, in Montreal at the Cinémathèque québécoise and in Quebec City at the Cinéma Cartier. Several screenings are also already planned in the Bas-Saint-Laurent. Some events will give rise to a discussion in the presence of director Nicolas Paquet and his protagonist Jean Bédard. For all the news about the film, do not hesitate to consult his Facebook page.