LA queer alt-pop artist CLAY shares new single “WTSGD” ft. Alessia Cara off forthcoming EP   ​ 

Photo Credit: Kanya Iwana


LA-based artist CLAY (she/they) creates airy alt-pop with emotionally grounded R&B roots. Now, she showcases that crossover appeal with her new single “WTSGD (with Alessia Cara).” The track is lifted off her forthcoming EP Breathing Into Bloom out May 4th.

“WTSGD” (When The Sun Goes Down) opens with a chorus of atmospheric harmonies, equal parts beautiful and sorrowful. It’s an R&B influenced alt-pop ballad that explores her struggle to find inner peace while facing her own demons. CLAY is joined on the track by indie-pop superstar Alessia Cara, whose throaty, grounded vocals lend a sense of security and structure to CLAY’s alluring cadence. 

CLAY says this of her new single:
“‘When the Sun Goes Down’ is an honest exploration of what it feels like to struggle with your mental health. The night time often being the hardest. Amidst the sadness, the final line provides a glimmer of hope to hold onto, “no matter how dark it gets, just as the sun does set it too must rise.”

“WTSGD” is the second single from CLAY’s upcoming project Breathing Into Bloom, directly following the upbeat but brutally honest track “ARTERY” released in January 2022. “Artery” unfolds with patience and poise. The song opens with an acoustic guitar, CLAY’s soulful voice, and a loping bassline, followed by veritably sticky drums. As the hook arrives, keys join her increasingly pained lyrics, latching onto the listener with an inescapable grip.

The follow up to her 2019 EP hues, Breathing Into Bloom promises an even deeper and more introspective glimpse into CLAY’s experiences and artistry. Practicing what she calls “radical vulnerability” has led to the most intimate and open-hearted music of her career to date.

 CLAY recently played the Under The Radar x Next Gen Showcase (sponsored by LivexLive) and has over 14 million streams on Spotify across 140K monthly listeners. 

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