How the Wild Things Sleep on CBC and CBC Gem

Sleep is of vital importance. I think most of us humans acknowledge and know this. What we have not really even thought of is how it is very important in the animal/insect/bird world as well. We have these other creatures that we share this planet with (not well, but we do share it) and sleep is just as important to them. As we have not seen this as an important thing to know about or study, not much is known about animals and how they sleep. How the Wild Things Sleep is going to enlighten you about this fascinating topic.

You might be surprised to learn that all living creatures on this planet sleep. Not all do it for the same length or the same way, but they do sleep. In this episode of The Nature of Things sleep in the animal/insect/bird world is looked at. The whys, hows and wheres.

What comes out of the studies being done by scientists all over the world, is that each species sleeps the way that suits them best. Here we are introduced to how primates, elephants, bees, marine mammals, and birds differ in their sleep patterns. These studies have led to scientists now even looking at the simplest of organisms and their sleep. Yes, they even sleep! Even those which lack a central nervous system or a brain! Amazing!

What all these studies have come to is that sleep is a necessary behaviour found at the very core of all life forms on the planet. Plus it goes back millions of years to the very beginning of life on the planet. Around for that long and still one of the biggest mysteries.

The amount of information you learn in 44 minutes is amazing! For instance, did you know that apes sleep best if they make comfortable beds for themselves and if they don’t sleep well their cognitive function suffers? Or that elephants only sleep a couple of hours a day as they have to be constantly on the move in search of food? That fur seals and Canada geese can sleep with one half of their brain?

How the Wild Things Sleep, directed by P.J. Naworynski, Daniela Pulverer and Boris Raim and shot in Canada, Germany, U.S., South Africa, and Japan, premieres tonight, March 11, on The Nature of Things on CBC and CBC Gem.

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