Gay Haircut @ SXSW

Jude Harris’s seven-minute film, which she directs and was written by Krista Fatka, is screening at SXSW 2022. When you read the little description of the film you realize that you get exactly that from the short. It has its tongue planted firmly in cheek throughout. Quirky and it knows it.

A female stand up comedian has a decision to make. She talks to her friend, who is also a stand up, about a decision she believes she must make.

Krista (Krista Fatka) is sitting outside with a friend and reveals she is going to have to make a change in her material. Krista is bisexual and is dating a trans woman. She can no longer rely on the heterosexual jokes which are littered throughout her set. Wonders if her set is the way she should come out as queer. The longer the discussion goes on the more Krista believes that the way she will come out is to get a gay haircut. Her friend recommends a stylist that all her gay friends love.

Once at the salon, Krista soon realizes this is not your typical place. The receptionist is odd but no way near as strange as the recommended hairstylist. Between his smelling her and layering mayonnaise and candy on her hair, Krista does not have a good feeling about her haircut. Yet when it is revealed she is astonished.

Despite all the weirdness that happens in a short period, you get what Harris was aiming for. That coming out for queer people can take different forms with none being more legit than others. There is a point behind all the oddness. Becoming our true selves takes on different shapes or styles for different people and that is okay.

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